Monday, August 12, 2013

Bad Ass Piggies

Hey blogosphere, long time no see!

Just a quick update with some of the projects I have been busy working on. Firstly here are some Angry Birds/ Bad Piggies mockup movie posters with a horror twist. These titles have long been my goto casual games whenever I have to wait in a Drs surgery or suchlike. So I thought I would do these to thank the Rovio team. I had some great response from the few people I have shown these to so I thought I would share them further... rather than hiding them on my D:\

Apart from the odd illustration and paint study in my spare time I have been using the Unity platform to teach myself java scripting and general games design. I’ve just completed my first side scrolling platformer from a tutorial. I plan to use this as a framework to showcase my own sprite animations.

Here is a flash game I did for the baconGameJam 05, lights out challenge. I went straight down the middle with the theme, using a child’s perspective on the bogey men who come out when the lights go off. It placed 27th out of 100, not bad for my first "proper" game.

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