Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Conan: Down The Well Of Hell!

Here is a cover illustration for a Dark Horse Comics Conan Cover Competition. I was  trying something new for me  I lighting from  2 sources + well ambient darkness to give the main figure abit more form in space. I am questing for the holy grail of “pop”.

Then I also sent it in to the awesome concept artist Dave Rapoza, who was kind enough to  feature it on the crimson daggers channel during his crimson critters critique paintover livestream. He pointed out a few key areas to improve, so my plan from here is to do another finished piece incorporating Daves adjustments, so as to learn as much as I can. You can view Daves crit here, mine starts 1 hour in.

I am pretty stoked with the positive reaction I have got off this piece; it makes me really want to push myself further with comic art. I hope that my years of being both a reader and an artist have given me a good understanding as to what works on a page and really enjoined working with this character. More to come by Crom!

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