Thursday, December 08, 2011

Vegas Solitaire

I have worked on over two dozen interactive games in the last 5 years, with lots of great challenges; from designing animations, creating incidental and looping sounds, pitching ideas to clients, working with coders and polishing the end user experience.

Solitaire was a small project which lent itself well to being rapidly re-skinned for many different clients. The flying cards and dynamically shifting right hand navigation were done in code by developer extraordinaire Alejandro Giraldo Niño.

On this project I also designed the look and feel of the interface which then was rolled out to dozens of other games. I came up with the greyish purplish tint to the top and bottom bar from studying many desktop applications and eventually arriving at itunes as a colour scheme that has the right mixture of inviting yet formal, perfect for a menu interface in which any number of vividly coloured games will live.

Demo play here.

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