Saturday, December 10, 2011


My assignment here was to take the classic design of the craps table and make it interactive, in the correct 3D perspective and all in vectors. It was a fun challenge, with lots of mock-ups back and forth between Illustrator, Photoshop and 3Ds Max. I mapped the graphics onto the 3D table object and then used this as a tight reference for figuring out the vanishing point and applying a 3D transform on the vector graphics in illustrator. Then I took the fill from each area and movie chipped them in flash and these then became our rollover buttons.

Stylistically I took my reference from real world tables but I rounded out the outer corners to give a tighter fit and therefore larger playing area and was pleased with the result.

The awesome 3D dice that roll dynamically in flash were built in code Ross Mcverry, he and I tweaked the look and feel of them until they felt right. I played with the surface texture map in photoshop to get a pleasing contrast and the illusion of a red plastic sheen.

Demo play here.

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