Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blackjack, 3 Card Poker etc...

These two are some of the many online casino table games I designed the layout for. The table surround was done first in 3D by a freelancer then my task was to map the blasé graphics on and create the interactive graphics. This wasn’t too difficult to achieve, I did a separate render for the table with a square mapped on and adjusted the perspective of the vector graphics as one group to fit the square.

The beauty of using vectors over a bitmap background is that we could alter the background colours easily by either swapping out the underlying bitmap textures or a colour shift filter in flash as we used here in order to keep down the file size overhead.

We also had to create an environment that scaled dynamically to fit any users display. In practice this involves creating extra graphical information on both sides that may or may not get seen on a display anywhere from 5:7 to 16:9 ratio.

I also designed the incidental sounds and ambient track which were rolled out to all these games. I felt the chips and cards should have a subtle difference being placed on wood or felt, and for sliding or being slapped down. The ambient track was a commercial jingle bought from sounddogs which I cut to loop and spliced with a second loop of a conversational crowd.

The lovely parabola animation for the flying chips really enhanced what I like to call “the illusion of quality” and was done in code by the super talented Alejandro Giraldo Niño.

Demo play here.

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